NEW Interim Embassy Compound

Design-bid-build construction services with design development to provide an interim Embassy Compound in Tripoli to carry out the U.S. Diplomatic Mission.
  • New Interim Embassy containerized compound
  • Design development and coordination
  • Project Management
  • Submittal documentation
  • Secure and non secure material procurement
  • Schedule Control
  • Construction coordination
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Complete Build out of containers for Conference room, SIC, ULAN, PBX, Processing Center, and office spaces.
  • Construction of Interior walls, doors, ventilation
  • Interior finishes
  • Furniture / Security Elements / Rated Security Containers / Shredders
  • Signage
  • Construction of vestibules
  • Construction of door opening, Door jambs, Exterior Doors and Door hardware
  • Seals at container joints, watertight and secure
  • Security Locks
  • Installation of guard booth
  • Installation of toilet facilities
  • Compound Access Control
  • Site work included layout for 29 pads, layout and trenching for Electrical, TSS conduits, Site lighting, Microwave perimeter security.
  • Installation of site lighting and CCTV poles
  • Installation of Microwave perimeter security
  • Installation of keypad access control
  • Installation of TSS infrastructure including all terminations and testing.
  • Installation of all Telecom including all terminations and testing.
  • Installation of CCTV monitoring system
  • Installation of networked Fire protection and monitoring systems including all terminations and testing.
  • Installation and commissioning of 4 prime rated tactical generators
  • Installation and commissioning of 2 tactical chillers
  • Installation of Fan Coil units and split HVAC units
  • Installation of all Electrical infrastructure to feed the individual units and within the units. Raised Flooring
  • Steel plating
  • Sound attenuation
  • UPS units
  • Coordination with Post, Security details, other construction projects at site
  • Coordination with OBO COR
  • Secure Escorted Ocean and Air Shipment – Detailed Secure Shipment Planning
  • Inclusion of Government owned secure container in escorted secure shipment
  • Inclusion of 3 DAO contractor containers included in escorted secure shipment
  • All scheduling and coordination for government escorts to accompany contractor movement of 32 total containers from CRP to final post destination
  • Provided Secure escort of 3 containers from contractor CRP to consolidation point
  • Phased construction, partial construction performed CONUS and completed at post OCONUS
  • Project manuals, bill of materials, quality control plan, construction schedules, construction cost estimates, product submittals
  • All Self performed with direct hire TS Cleared personnel
  • Foreign Affairs Counter Threat Course and Special Security and Antiterrorist Driving Course required for all personnel deployed to site.
  • Required to remain on post at all times
  • Project challenges included location of Tripoli Libya and the political climate
  • Strict Security procedures and access controls due to location and political climate
  • Commissioning and Post Training Final project documentation – As Builts, O&M manuals, warranties, catalog cuts
Specific Trades Self Performed:
  • Project Administration/Management
  • Cost Estimating/Management
  • Design Development Coordination
  • CPM Schedule
  • Security Requirements
  • Procurement
  • Submittals
  • Shipping Logistics
  • Site Work
  • Site Lighting/CCTV
  • Furniture and Office Equipment
  • Trenching
  • TSS
  • Telecom
  • Perimeter Security Controls
  • Doors / Hardware
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • General construction
  • Testing
  • Training and Commissioning
Project Challenges

The project presented several challenges, from the initial RFP notification of the project to the bid submission of less than 1 week, to the scope changes and political unrest at site.

The initial project was awarded within one week. We were able to assess the project as described and provide an accurate estimate to the government. The project was awarded in part at year end and was then modified as the government requirements and scope was further developed and finalized.

The government has initiated multiple scope changes to add project tasks to our scope of work. We were able to remain flexible and meet the governments changing needs.

Secure shipment was a challenge on this project as it required extra security measures beyond simple trapped containers and secure shipment plans. The containers needed to be government courier escorted. There is only one US Flag carrier that allows non employees on board their vessels and we were able to coordinate the move. The government added a container to our shipping inventory and we were also asked to coordinate with another government contractor company that had to move containers to site under escort. We handled all movement of containers. The movement to our secure consolidation point occurred on 9/11/12 the day of the Benghazi unrest. We were able to stop the movement as directed within the hour of notification. The Government decided to move ahead with the shipment and we were able to reinstate the movement of escorted trucking to port and keep the entire shipment on schedule. Additional security concerns delayed the container shipment further upon arrival at transshipment point and we coordinated temporary storage at a secure Embassy site at the transshipment location. The government eventually decided to move the freight via secure air and we were able to coordinate two trips via “Antonov” airlift cargo aircraft with escorts aboard and coordinated trucking and unloading at final destination. The balance of the freight (11 containers) was either non-secure or standard trapped container and was moved via ocean.

The global political climate posed a great deal of anxiety with all of our manpower. During the site installation phase of the project, an eminent threat warning was issued and all nonessential site personnel were required to depart country. We were deemed nonessential and we made the  necessary arrangements to secure the site and depart within 24 hours. However during departure, our project was reclassified and our personnel deemed essential. Our men departed the site to Germany and the team stayed overnight until our reclassification to essential status was confirmed. We were able to remobilize to site the next day and continued working to complete the project on schedule.

Furthermore, during this period the temporary closure of all regional embassies was initiated while we remained on site to complete the project in spite of the political difficulties with the threat of being in harm’s way. We remained steadfast with U.S. Mission personnel and completed the operational objectives to everyone’s satisfaction.


SES maintains a comprehensive, site specific, safety manual for each task order and has a certified safety professional onsite at all time that work is being performed. There have been zero OHSA incidents or lost time due to accidents or injuries.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

SES maintains a comprehensive Quality Control Program. SES ensures that all project tasks are completed properly, that all work is installed professionally and that all systems are operating optimally. Document control was monitored on many different levels to ensure timely submittal and approval of all material submissions, long lead items, etc. A complete bill of material is maintained.

Schedule Control

SES  developed  and  submitted  professional  CPM  schedules.  The  project  managers  and superintendents performed constant schedule monitoring and the project was delivered on schedule. Many of the specialty items required long lead times. Special Shipment requirements and several government scope changes also impacted the schedule.  SES effectively managed project schedule to ensure this project was delivered on time.

Period of Performance

Project award: 09/11; Actual Completion: 09/13 Originally Scheduled Completion Date: 6/13

The completion date was extended due to Government initiated changes in Scope. There were 18 government initiated change orders to this project.

Additional delays were encountered due to political unrest. The shipment was delayed initially due to the Courier Escort requirement and subsequently further delayed due to the events in Benghazi, causing potential security risks to the materials and limitations on the access granted to the US Government couriers escorting the shipment.

This project was completed on schedule and within budget.
Compliant with Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986 Due to the sensitive nature of the project, site plans and drawings are unavailable for presentation

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