About Us

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The management team at Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc. fully subscribes to the objective of “project management rather than crises management”.  This ideology is embraced by all levels of management personnel.  The management team makes sure that this philosophy is applied to all levels of daily operations.

The differing background and experience of our staff ranges to 40 plus years.  This diversity allows our staff to perform many tasks that may differ from their respective training but are capable of providing assistance in other areas both effectively and efficiently.  With this flexibility Spectrum is not totally reliant upon one individual and normal operations can run smoothly and without any noticeable interruption in continuity.

Spectrum has not lost sight of the fact that “employees are our most valuable asset” and our long-term goals cannot be achieved without them.

It is the same “teamwork concept” with architects, engineers, and owners, united with our combined managerial experience of over 40 years, our knowledge of project scheduling and an excellent job completion record that has made us successful today.

Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc. fully subscribes to the process of partnering with their clients, subcontractors and any architectural/design firms involved with the project.  In this manner a cohesive partnership between the client and Spectrum can form.  Partnering allows Spectrum to draw on the strengths of each of the participants to identify and achieve reciprocal goals.  The objectives of this process are effective and efficient contract performance intended to achieve completion of the project within budget, on schedule and in accordance with the plans and specifications.

Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc routinely implements several levels of quality assurance and quality control.  Each step allows Spectrum to provide the superior service that its customers expect.  Spectrum’s comprehensive quality program ensures that the work being completed meets the necessary requirements of the contract plans and specifications.

Spectrum’s Project Manager will meet with the client and review the quality controls and details of project phases.  Quality controls are initiated immediately during this preliminary inspection and will continue with various on-site inspections throughout the project’s duration and will not conclude until the final inspection.

Inspections will be conducted at the job site to monitor safety and the daily progress of the work being completed.  The on-site Field Superintendent, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of each project, will turn in daily progress reports at the end of each day.  These records will be kept to ensure the completion of all work in a timely and efficient manner.  All reports and additional submissions will be given to the Project Manager, who will be kept abreast of all work in progress and will keep in constant contact with the client.

For this reason Spectrum has consistently provided its customers with quality work.  Our proven track record speaks for itself; we have enjoyed lasting relationships with our customers and through our service department continue to maintain these good relationships.In every job, Spectrum consistently provides the high level of quality and service that a client should expect.

“The Power of a Single Horse is Multiplied Many Times When Harnessed to a Team”

This profound yet basic principle is the premise for bringing together this group of construction professionals with their individual disciplines and resources to form a Design/BuildTeam.

All of the parties, listed herein, have joined Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc. in a “Teaming Agreement” whereby each entity will contribute their professional expertise to achieve the desired goal.

Individually and collectively all of the following Team Members have had previous Design Build experience with an outstanding performance record:

·        Team Leader – Spectrum Electrical Services, Inc.

·        Architectural – Bradley Parker and Associates

·        MEP – EK Fox & Associates, Ltd.

Team leader Spectrum will provide Project Management and Administration from each projects inception to final completion in addition to construction/installation services. The design element will be coordinated with the designated OBO Representative to assure that the most efficient and cost effective system is provided.  The Team proposes to use qualified local area labor, where available and practical.